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Legislature, put your money where your mouth is and secede already!

Rather than address issues actually affecting Idahoans, the Legislature is once again spending a ridiculous amount of time railing against the Federal Government and creating bills that have no chance of standing up in court. The latest nonsense is H0219, which seeks “to establish that certain laws are unenforceable in Idaho by state and local government officials, agents or employees.” The actual bill is a hysterical reaction to an infringement of gun rights which hasn’t happened yet and may never happen but the language in H0219 should concern everyone regardless of your feelings on gun rights.

With laws like this, Idaho puts itself in the illustrious company of states like Arkansas which fought tooth and nail against federally enforced integration of schools. The Idaho Legislature still seems to be under the illusion that they can pick and choose which Federal laws they like and ignore the laws they don’t like. This can be seen in not only this bill but the state Health Insurance Exchange controversy where many lawmakers said that the national Affordable Health Care act might go away if Idaho and other states ignore it. Apparently these people never heard of a little thing called the Civil War that forever decided state/fed conflicts in favor of the feds.

I would love to see Idaho legislators put their money where their mouth is and try to secede from the United States if they hate it so much. You will never see it though because of a dirty little secret that Idaho’s legislators are loathe to mention. Idaho takes in much more money from the Federal government than it pays in taxes. Idaho can’t afford to leave and the legislators know it so all of this is empty posturing. It would be nice if they could try to solve some of Idaho’s problems and do their jobs for once.