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The Idaho Legislature would rather you citizens not interfere with them

They’re at it again!  You may recall that the Legislature got away with blatantly defying the will of the voters in 2002 when they abolished the term limits that Idaho voters approved in 4 separate elections.  Apparently they now feel the time is right to make sure those pesky voters won’t be heard from again by introducing two bills meant to make it more difficult to get a voter initiative on the ballot, S1026 and S1108.

The current rules say you have to get signatures of 6% of Idahoans to put an initiative on the ballot.  The new proposed bills would keep that requirement and also make you get at least 6% of the voters in either 18 or 22 legislative districts, depending on which bill they think they can get away with.  This blog takes the opinion that any bill that makes it harder for citizens to have a voice in their government is a bad thing and should be opposed.

Don’t let them get away with it, Idaho!  Voters let the Legislature get away with ignoring them before and the current Speaker of the House is one of those who voted against the will of the people and obviously didn’t pay any kind of price for it.

Email the Senate State Affairs Committee and let them know you want to be heard!