United Families Idaho hates children!

Read the news, stay for the opinions

One of the more unbelievable stories of this year’s Legislature is that people are still fighting against Idaho’s tribal gaming, which is already a joke due to the severe limitations placed upon it.  Imagine if you will, a casino with no blackjack, craps, roulette or sports book.  Welcome to Idaho!

And yet even such a casino as mentioned above is too much for some people.  Too bad United Families Idaho, a group that claims it is family friendly, is actually severely harming the education of Idaho’s children.  Were proper gambling allowed in this state, the state could tax it heavily and maybe properly fund education for a change.  For those who forgot, Idaho has ranked dead last in spending per pupil in all 50 states for the last two years.

I know, people will say that gambling is bad, destroys lives, tears families apart, etc.  Alcohol is frequently mentioned in the same breath as doing this.  I know someone who had to declare bankruptcy from being addicted to gambling so I have seen both sides.  The fact is that the world is full of temptation of one sort or another and people have to do their best to fight it.  The Republicans always claim that they hate government interference with people’s and businesses’ lives and constantly rail against the Federal government’s intrusion into state affairs.  Yet they are the same party that controls Idaho’s Legislature and not only weakened the Indian casinos immeasurably but also operate a money losing liquor dispensary in the name of public morals.  Can someone explain the contradiction?

I would like to applaud the Idaho Legislature for killing this bill in committee but it’s still scary that no matter how badly you censor things, it’s never enough for some people.  I presume a bill to close U.S. highway 93 south of Twin Falls will be introduced in next year’s session.

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