We’re #1! But it’s not a good thing.

From the Idaho Department of Labor:

Idaho led the nation in the percentage of hourly employees who made the minimum wage in 2012 at 8%.

If you’re wondering, the national average is 4.7%.  To make matters worse, the study doesn’t mention that Idaho’s minimum wage of $7.25/hour is lower than almost all of our neighboring states as well. Oregon’s is $8.95/hour, Washington’s is $9.19, Montana’s is $7.80. The scary part is Idaho’s minimum wage might be even lower except that Federal law prohibits a minimum wage of lower than $7.25.  Idaho minimum wage workers might remember that next time the Legislature complains about those meddling feds.

Idahoans have it even worse when one takes into account things like Oregon and Montana’s lack of sales tax and Washington’s lack of income tax.  We are right in line with Utah though, if that’s of any comfort (it’s not).  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Idaho wages of both hourly and salaried workers have plunged since the passage of the right to work law.  Unions have their problems, but this blog believes it’s better that the little guy have someone to speak up for them and bargain on their behalf than nobody at all.

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